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My name is Jordan, founder of Cheap Bike Shop. In my teenage years the need arose to make repairs on the 5 bicycles that our family had. After all, it saves costs that you would otherwise have lost at the bicycle repair shop, and as a teenager you are already looking for “activities”.

Soon I learned the tricks of the trade and offered my services cheaply through Marktplaats.nl. In these years I learned to perform better, faster and more skilled repairs. I also enjoyed the combination of technology and entrepreneurship.

Once I was studying in the big city of Amsterdam, I discovered that I worked with my hands and missed entrepreneurship. This resulted in taking my hobby to a higher level: refurbishing cut-off municipal bicycles in temporary anti-squat shops and reselling them for next to nothing. This anti-squat construction lasted from 2018 to 2020 and in these two years Amsterdam cycling history was written, because such legal bicycles for such a price .. That did not exist yet! legale fietsen voor zo’n prijs.. Dat bestond nog niet!

Cheap Bike Shop is now much more than what it used to be. Since the beginning of 2021 we are located at Reinwardtstraat 6 in Amsterdam East, a rental property! So no more monthly relocations and building a customer base became possible. We also sell 20,000+ unique bicycle parts and accessories online, we deliver bicycles throughout the Netherlands and are official dealer of Bikkel, Avalon and Bohlt bicycles.

Originated from the need to stop the illegal street sale of bicycles, our main activity of offering cheap second-hand bicycles will of course continue to exist. After all, it is our figurehead.

See you soon in the store or online.