About us

*Warning: Crappy Google Translate version!*
My name is Jordan, founder of Cheap Bike Shop. In my teenage years the need arose to make repairs on the 5 bicycles that our family had. After all, it saves costs that you would otherwise have lost at the bicycle repair shop, and as a teenager you are already looking for “activities”.

Soon I learned the tricks of the trade and offered my services cheaply through Marktplaats.nl. In these years I learned to perform better, faster and more skilled repairs. I also enjoyed the combination of technology and entrepreneurship.

This hobby grew into a fully-fledged shop in Amsterdam East and webshop when I found out that second-hand bicycles are actually unnecessarily expensive. The purpose of this venture is to give old bicycles a new life and then sell them for what they are worth. With this I compete directly with the illegal street sale of bicycles and hope that I can limit the illegal circuit.

The reason why this can be so cheap is because of the efficient way of working, purchasing and temporary workspaces. All this with the ultimate goal: To provide the Amsterdam citizen with a solid, honest and cheap second-hand bike.

See you soon in the store or online.