What about the warranty?
Bikes of > € 45,- do have one month warranty included. The warranty does not include (flat) tires.
€ 45,- bikes do not have warranty. Dutch law makes it possible to have two weeks reflection time if you buy your € 45,- bike online. If you buy your € 45,- bike in the shop, then there is no reflection time or warranty. You can buy for € 10,- warranty for one month.
All bikes have 24-hours warranty.

24-hours warranty

How does the 24-hours warranty work?
Send within 24 hours after you picked up your bike an e-mail at info@cheapbikeshop.nl. Return your bike within 48 hours.


Ik wil handmatig mijn fiets betalen. Wat zijn jullie bankgegevens voor het overboeken?
NL68 KNAB 0259 5356 64 on the name of Cheapbikeshop.nl. Please make sure you put your bike number in the comment section. Your order will be confirmed when we received the payment.

How can I pay?
On the webshop you can pay by iDeal, PayPal, credit-card and Bitcoin. In the shop you can pay by debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro). We do not accept cash.

Are the prices included with VAT?
Some bicycles are bought by us without VAT (margegoederen) and other are bought with VAT. The bicycles bought without VAT are sold without VAT to customers and bicycles bought by us with VAT are sold with VAT. So it depends on from which wholesale the bike is coming from. On all parts NOT mounted on the bicycle are included with 21% VAT. All of our prices are included. So you will never be surprised with additional costs.


Do you deliver the bikes?
We deliver bikes in whole Netherlands for 30,-. Our logistical partner is Offsizeparcel. We deliver in Amsterdam for € 15,-.

Do you provide a track&trace code?
Yes, you will get a track&trace code for the shipments outside of Amsterdam. For Amsterdam shipments we do not have a track&trace code. 

What will happen if I am not at home to accept the shipment?
Offsizeparcel will try to deliver your order when you are not at home. You will be called if you are not at home to make another appointment or to arrange something with your neighbors.

In which countries do you deliver?
Only in the Netherlands.

What is the delivery time?
2 to 6 working days.


I bought a bicycle online, but in the shop I discovered I did not like the bike. Can I get my money back?
Yes, you can. You can also change the bike for another one.

I got my bike shipped, but I don’t like it. Can you compensate the delivery costs when I return the bike to you?
Unfortunately the buyer pays for the costs to return the order.

Do I get my payed shipment costst back when I return the order?


Why should I buy a bike online when there is a shop and I can pass by?
If you see a bicycle that you like, this bike will be reserved for you if you buy it online.
If you don’t someone else can buy it online or in the shop.
Did you discovered in the shop that the bike is not what you've expected, then you can change it for another one or get your money back.

When do I pick-up my ordered bike?
As soon as you want within the business hours! Read on our contact page more about the business hours and warehouse location.

May I choose the bike in the warehouse instead of paying on the webshop?
Of course. Drop by to look at the bikes and to give them a try.

Where is your (work)shop located?
Transvaalstraat 3, 1092 HA Amsterdam

How is it possible you are that cheap?
We buy bulks of bicycles, have low storage costs and we repair the bikes in a unique way.

Do the bikes have locks or lights?
Usually they don’t have. You can always buy extra in the shop! Check out our extras.

Are there more bicycles in the shop than online?
No, all the bikes we have for sale in the shop are published online. Not more or less.

Is the webshop up-to-date?
The webshop is as up-to-date as possible. During business hours some bicycles published online can be sold in the shop. 3 hours after closing the shop everything online has been updated.