What about the warranty?
Alle tweedehands fietsen hebben standaard 1 maand garantie, alle nieuwe fietsen 1 jaar. De garantie geldt niet voor (lekke) banden.

I don't like the bike. Can I cancel the purchase?
If you have purchased our products through this website, there is a "remote agreement", so a 14-day legal cooling-off period is applied. This means that you can cancel the purchase without giving a reason. Our products buyed in the store? Then there is no 14-day legal cooling-off period, but there is a 24-hour purchase guarantee.

How do I claim the warranty?
Send an e-mail to info@cheapbikeshop.nl or call us on +31 (0) 6 55 72 04 57 and indicate that you want to use the guarantee. If the reason for the guarantee is well-founded, you bring the products back to us. We will then repair it or give you a replacement.


I want to pay for my bicycle manually. What are your bank details for transferring?
NL68 KNAB 0259 5356 64 on the name of Cheapbikeshop.nl. Please make sure you put your bike number in the comment section. Your order will be confirmed when we received the payment.

How can I pay?
On the webshop you can pay by iDeal, PayPal, credit-card and Bitcoin. In the shop you can pay by debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro). We do not accept cash.

I bought a bicycle online, but in the shop I discovered I did not like the bike. Can I get my money back?
Yes, you can. You can also change the bike for another one.

Are the prices included with VAT?
Some batches of bicycles that we purchase are purchased without VAT (margeproducten) and other parties we purchase with VAT. The margin bicycles are sold without VAT and the bicycles that we have purchased with VAT are also sold with VAT. So it depends on which party the bicycle comes from or whether there is still VAT on top of the price.
Op onderdelen die niet gemonteerd zijn op je fiets wordt altijd 21% btw gerekend.
Al met al zijn al onze prijzen eindprijzen voor particulieren. Alles wat je ziet aan prijs is het bedrag dat je daadwerkelijk betaalt. Geen verrassingen achteraf dus!


Do you deliver the bikes?
We deliver bikes in whole Netherlands for 30,-. Our logistical partner is Offsizeparcel. We deliver in Amsterdam for € 15,-.

Do you provide a track&trace code?
Yes, you will get a track&trace code for the shipments outside of Amsterdam. For Amsterdam shipments we do not have a track&trace code. 

What will happen if I am not at home to accept the shipment?
Offsizeparcel will contact you for an solution.

In which countries do you deliver?
Only in the Netherlands.

What is the delivery time?
1 tot 3 werkdagen voor fietsen.


I got my bike shipped, but I don’t like it. Can you compensate the delivery costs when I return the bike to you?
Unfortunately, the return costs (costs to get the order back to the seller) are for the account of the consumer unless otherwise agreed, for example, to claim warranty.

Do I get my payed shipment costst back when I return the order?

What is your return address?
Cheapbikeshop.nl, Returns department
Reinwardtstraat 6-H
1093 HG Amsterdam


When do I pick-up my ordered bike?
Een tweedehands fiets meestal direct nadat je de order hebt geplaatst binnen de openingstijden. Mocht er iets niet op voorraad zijn, dan laten wij je weten wanneer het wel op te halen is. Zie here wat de openingstijden zijn. Een nieuwe fiets is 1 tot 3 werkdagen na bestelling af te halen.

Are there more bicycles in the shop than online?
Yes, there is nothing more or less in the shop regarding second-hand bicycles. There are no new bicycles in our shop.

Why would I pay for a second-hand bicycle through the webshop if I can still visit the store?
If you see a bicycle that you like, this bike will be reserved for you if you buy it online.
If you don’t someone else can buy it online or in the shop.
Did you discovered in the shop that the bike is not what you've expected, then you can change it for another one or get your money back.

May I choose the bike in the warehouse instead of paying on the webshop?
Of course. Drop by to look at the bikes and to give them a try.

Where is your (work)shop located?
Reinwardtstraat 6, 1093 HG Amsterdam

How is it possible you are that cheap?
We buy bulks of bicycles, have low storage costs and we repair the bikes in a unique way.

Do the bikes have locks or lights?
There are no accessories on your bike as standard. As an option you can purchase a ring lock, a chain lock and / or lights. You will find more extras for your bike here (klik).

Is the webshop up-to-date?
The webshop is always up-to-date. In reality, there are no more or fewer bicycles in the store than stated online.